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POND Update
Northern Hemisphere ( North America, Europe, Asia) 

When Spring  temperatures Rise above  54*f Degrees
Your Koi are starting to wake up and eat.
Start with NEW low protein food, that will digest easy.  
The plain Cheerios we have found works well 52*f - 54*f
once every two or three days

Cool spring weather feeding
54*f to 60*f 
Check your fish food should read "33% Protein (or less). 
Start with a little during the heat of the day
and then as temperatures rise only give them
what they will eat in 5 Minutes.

Warm Weather feeding 
61*f  to  76*f
33% to 45% Protein what they will eat in 5 minutes
repeat feeding 2 to 4 times a day 

Koi do well with fresh fruit and melons, zuccini, meal worms, shrimp, rice, leaf lettuce
(remove pits from cheeries and other stone fruit) 

Fall:  Southern Hemisphere (Australia, New Zealand, Africa, South America) 

Water Temperatures have dropped  to just below  41*f for most ponds
in Central and South Africa and South America.
We are not feeding Koi or Gold fish when water temperatures are
below 52*f

Even though we  have a few WARM Winter DAYS..
Do Not  Feed Koi !!!!

Winter is the time the Koi are sleeping in the Southern Area's!
If it gets cool and you are feeding High protein The Koi may get sick
and DIE! Watch your temperatures close! We do not start 
feeding our Koi until overnight pond temperatures are over

Rancid food Will Make Koi Sick!!!!

If you have open Wheat Germ food that has been in the freezer for more than 6 months GET RID OF IT.  If you have an unopened box that is over 3 years old GET RID OF IT.
When you thaw frozen koi food out use
a brown paper bag to bring it up to room temp.
this keeps moister from forming on the outer layer of 
the food 
leading to mold. 

If your Koi  food smells a bit off..(rancid like)
DO NOT FEED IT To your koi! 
The last  meals of the season must be of good quality.
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